The Full-Stack
Prototyping Guide


Looking to web-enable your hardware projects?

The Full-Stack Prototyping Guide is designed to help walk you through all the aspects of developing a connected prototype. From hardware to web, it's all included.

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Engineer for the New Age

You don't have to be a design engineer to create awesome prototypes. Thanks to the groundwork done by Arduino and Raspberry Pi, many of the more laborious aspects of hardware design have been simplified so that it's easy for anyone to make stuff today!

Design for an Internet of Things

Many web developers refer their production setups as their 'stacks'. As our everyday items become more and more connected, I believe that the stack has expanded to not only the software running on your device but to the hardware components as well.

Boost Your Skills

Being a Full-Stack developer is a tremendous advantage in an industry that is growing fast. According to Business Insider, the connected device industry is expected to grow almost 5 times by 2018 -- be ahead of the curve!

How do I get started?
It's probably easier than you think!

You don�t need much to start your very own Full-Stack project. A good starting point is a Raspberry Pi and Arduino. If you have experience with these tools you are already well on your way.

What will I learn to build?
Almost anything you want!

We'll give you an easy-to-follow example project, but you'll learn critical skills to make things like:

  • Automated Door Openers
  • Security Systems
  • Automated Coffee/Tea Brewing

And the list goes on!

Are there examples?
A working snapshot

After too many near-death experiences, I designed the automated plant watering system for Raspberry Pi to hydrate my plants throughout the day so I don't have to.

It uses primarily off-the-shelf components and more importantly both Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

The Guide
All you need

The guide will include:

  • A descriptive multi-page document with photo illustrations.
  • Complete access to source code examples.
  • Free updates!

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There are already a bunch of tutorials on my blog that will help you get on your way. Check them out!

Looking for something else?

Feel free to email me if you're just starting to think about your project and want to know if this is the right guide for you. I'd love to chat!

Note: I am not, in any way, affiliated with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.